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Browser games: unusual and interesting

Here are presented various browser games. Not so it is a lot of, as can be on other websites, but all of them are unique.

Some of them are intended for game. And some of them simple, but are intended more for that studying as such games to create. To such casual games the instruction on creation of this game where it is in detail described how this game is arranged is given to games as works and how to make same it.

Tic-tac-toe game

Usual tic-tac-toe game. Simple enough game. Whether but so it is simple for the developer of games? This game is based on technology HTML and JavaScript. Without using technology Flash player.

Play tic-tac toe!

Find stones

This game This game something similar to battleship. You need to guess, in what cells there are stones and to open them. This game is simple both at game, and at development. It is simple JavaScript game.

Play to game Find stones

Conway's Game of Life in the browser (cellular automaton)

This is not a simple browser-based game. In this no goal to win. This is a simulation of the world, which is like a living organism, and this game called Game of Life. This is a cellular automaton, where the world is developing on common rules, but the resulting world looks a lot more complicated, and interenoe. And this realization is also colorful.

Launch Life on the browser
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