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Browser game Find Stones

This is casual game. Target is the found all stones in cells. Click on cells and find stones. The main thing is more quickly to find all the latent stones.

Find stones

Click on a cell to open it
Field size:

Clicking on a square you open a cell. If in the open cell it will appear hidden a subject (stone) it will be displayed in a cell. And if in a cell it is empty - that the cell will be marked with a small point in the center. If you wish to increase the size of a game field enter the new size of a game field and press the button "Start game".

This game differs from usual battleship game by that is simplified. In difference from usual game sea fight in this game the ships are replaced with the painted stones, and their arrangement does not depend on an arrangement of other stones - they settle down chaotically. On it this game on success.

The field is divided into cells, in each of which can be ñïðÿòàí a subject - a beautiful stone. You need to guess, where these mugs can be, and open all of them. Success!

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