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Conway's Game of Life in the browser (cellular automaton)

This is not a simple browser-based game. There is no purpose for the player wins. This is - a simulator of the world, which is something like a living organism, it is possible for her called Game of Life. This is a cellular automaton, where the world is developing on easy rules, but the resulting world looks a lot more complicated. These rules came up with the British mathematician John Conway in 1970.

Conway's Game of Life online (cellular automaton)

You can change cell by click
Field size: x

By clicking on the cell you can "revive" or "kill" the cage. I advise you to take advantage of a pause, to create more complex shapes. Reviving a one celled you will not see anything. For effect you need to light about three cells close to each other for some more complex actions. To do this, use a pause and read the instructions of the game.

The rules of this "game" are very simple. Square field consisting of cells, rolling (closed) at the edges (there are other variants). The cell can be turned on (alive) and off (dead). Field change (lives) by the following rules:

  • Cell comes alive, if: adjacent living cells equals 3
  • Cell turn off, if: adjacent living cells less than 2 or greater than 3
These simple rules enough to a cellular world was so diverse.

There are some interesting combinations of shapes that are stable or moving. Here are some of them:

  • moving Glider on the Life Glider - easy moving combination (can rotation)
  • static Block on the Life Block - static combination
I do not have listed all the figures. You can find a list of figures in other places. And maybe find a new shape, looking at the process of life on the page.

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