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Articles about programming and a web-development. Here there will be articles about web-programming. Or for those who wishes to learn how to start to made computer games.

Web development – JavaScript

Do you want, that on your website there was the beautiful animation, the emerging menu, and is possible also the calculator, and furthermore browser game? For this purpose it is not obligatory to create the big Flash object's. All this actions may be possible to made with JavaScript technology.

You can see examples of JS games.

Arduino and sensors

Review ultrasonic distance sensor HC-SR04 with Arduino

Review ultrasonic distance sensor HC-SR04 and collect statistic with Arduino. Precision of distance, statistics and data graphics.

See aboud sensor precission (or accuracy), and watch graphics of measurement.


The all of articles are not translated into English language. But you can read articles in Russian language, with using the any translator services (for example, Google translate).

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