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The Mouse motion (inertion) application

If you too many year use default computer mouse, you change alot of theme of mouse cursor, try all effects, but you want more - try change motion dynamic of mouse cursor with collision impulse.

Mouse motion inertion

This software utility change dynamic of motion mouse cursor - add impulse ("weight"). When programm run - the mouse have "weight" and starts to skid on the steep manwah on work table. Since it is assumed that the application program is not long, this is wery simple software without installer and without autorun. Two version of programm wrote on Lazarus (Delphi) and cross-platform version on Java. Distribute under GNU GPL v3.

Download programm, EXE win32 (zip, 680 Kb) Download source (zip, 87 Kb, source code on Lazarus) Download crossplatform mouse inertion on Java (zip, 21 Kb, JAr file and source code on Java, under GNU GPL v3 license)

This software distribute as it, without any guarante. You can learn alhorithm, distribute, modificate, and use programm or source code if you guarantee next: make link on this topic (remember about author), to comply with the law. THe programm distribute under GNU GPL v3 license.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 for EXE
    for Java version any OS with JRE 1.6 or compatabily with it
  • Other requirement: support mouse

Note: do nt recomended use mouse inertion with computer games (for example any RPG), cause they use not compatability mouse control method with this software (DirectInput, or move and hold mouse on center of the screen). Same games cheating detection system check software mouse control for detecting cheaters.

Technical features of the program

  • Name: Mouse motion / Mouse inertion
  • Last version: 1.0 (1 april 2018)
  • Size: 20-680 Kb
  • Language: EN
  • Price: FREE GNU GPL v.3

Version history

  • Version 1.0, 1 april 2017 года.

    This is first public version of programm "mouse inertion". The idea of this alhorithm is too old.

    MD5 zip: _____________
    MD5 exe: _____________

  • Version 1.0, 1 april 2018 года.

    This is first public crossplatform version of programm "mouse inertion". The idea of this alhorithm is too old.

    MD5 zip: _____________
    MD5 exe: _____________

Author of the program is

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