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This is instruction of the application Hard Link Maker v2.0.

HL Maker v2

Instructions for use of the program
Beware, this instruction was create partially with used machine translation, which can be inaccurate or misleading.


The programm HLMaker (Hard Link Maker) designed to find duplicate files on disk (or other storage), and reducing the space occupied by the related media files, by removing repetitive information on the disk, and replace duplicate files on hard links to the file system. This program is designed for experienced users. If you do not understand these instructions, do not attempt to use or to use the program. It is better to consult a specialist, or do not use the program. Or buy new hard disk :)

The program features

Search for duplicate files in two different folders. Search for duplicate files in the same folder. Create a batch file that: if found, removes duplicate files, and replace the deleted files, adds hard links to a duplicate of a file. (thereby reducing the not free disc space) For proper operation of the program if you want to reduce the place of all the compared files folders must reside on the once physical disk on the once partition.

How it work

The software searches for duplicate files in certain folders. Then, all copies, but one of the same files are deleted, deleted files in return for a hard link to the only instance of similar files. In this copy cease to consume disk space. A hard link (or symbolic links) to the file system is somewhat similar to labels. Just a shortcut to the program looks like another file, this is impossible in many cases to replace the similar files shortcuts, otherwise it will affect the performance of programs. Hard links - "shortcuts" on the file system level, they look for programs like the file to which it refers, and otlechit original file from hard link can only operating system. Under this replacement to hard links duplicate files does not affect the functionality of applications.

How to see the result

After the program finds duplicate files and create a batch file that will create a hard link, you can check the result of the program. First, test the program, which could affect the removal similar files. To determine decreased the amount of space occupied, you will not want property folders. If you compare the property of folders on which the action was made the program, you will see that the "size" and "disk" is not changed. To see the result, you will need to start the program (or rather to the script CMD, which will create a program) open the properties of the drive where the files are located. Remember how many bytes in a "busy" (or "free"), then compare the result after the program, with the best re-open the properties of the disk, because in the properties window for the Windows disk, these values are not automatically updated (or change focus, highlighting another window or by clicking on the desktop, then click on the drive properties window).

What you can and what can not be used

The program was designed to reduce the space taken up by games, in which many of the same files. For example: different set of mod's at the one time, at the one time installed English and other language version of the game. Do not use the program to access system files and folders. Do not use the program to the data that you can not recover in the event of damage or loss. Make a backup copy. Create hard links between files of different users (mre that 1) may compromise security.

How to use

1. Run the programm. 2. Enter the full path to the folder in which you want to find duplicate files. If you need to search toolko shared files in one folder, tick "Compare only one folder". The program supports Drag & Drop (folders, you can drag the mouse on the window). 3. Click on the "Compare files", wait for the result. Already during the test folder will be given information in the section "Sharing files search process" and "2. Decrease size". 4. Click on the button "Generate and save CMD script" batch file and save the CMD (see "Known Bugs" section of this manual). 5. After you save the batch file run it (you may need to run as administrator, if not allowed to create hard links). 6. You will see a black screen with white текст (Command Prompt), it will be prompted to press any key to proceed, or close it. To perform this procedure, press any button (eg Spacebar or Enter). 7. If all goes well, you will see the penultimate line "Done!". Chttoby close the window, press any button. 8. If you no longer need to generate a batch file, you can remove it. Then check the file integrity and efficiency of the programs, which could affect the action.

Known bugs

Known bugs for HKMaker v 2.0: -The program does not work with non-Latin names of files and folders. --While it is impossible to save the script in a folder, the path to which contain non-Latin characters (eg Cyrillic). You will not be able to add the script to the "desktop", or in the folder "My Documents", if your account name contains non-Latin characters. --Compare folders named with Latin characters, as well as similar subfolders can take part, or create a script hard links may not work properly. In this case, I advise to check the generated script manually (without starting it) and check the character encoding of the file with the script. -If the program during file comparison stops responding to your actions (or in the title bar shows "...(stopped)"), then in this case, just wait a little longer. Remember, you do everything at your own risk.

System requirements

Memory: 300 Mb OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1. File system: NTFS, (and other with support hardlink). OS Linux: Possible to run through Wine, but the generated script is unlikely to work. If you are interested in a version for Linux, inform the developer. License Agreement is in the program. For see and read license agreement press button "About". (C), 2013.
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