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The HL Maker application

If you have a little space on your hard drive, there are multiple copies of similar games or programs with different modes or versions, you might find this program.

HL Maker v2

This program will help to save space on your hard drive, if you have duplicate files in different folders that can not be simply removed because they are necessary to run programs or duplicates can not be replaced by simple shortcuts.

Download application HLMaker (zip archive, 664 kB, programm and instruction (on Russian and English))
And remember: read instruction! The program is for experienced users.

While (version 2.0) program has some drawbacks: not work with Cyrillic (and any national symbols) in file names, more details refer to the manual for the program.

System requirements

  • Memory: 300 Мб
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
  • File system: NTFS (or other with support hardlink)

Note: by creating hard links (hardlink) program can reduce the space: For proper operation of the program if you want to reduce the place of all the compared files folders must reside on the once physical disk on the once partition.

Technical features of the program

  • Name: HardLink maker v2
  • Last version: 2.0 (19 september 2013)
  • Size: 1,8 MB
  • Language: EN
  • Price: FREE

Version history

  • Version 2.0, 19 september 2013 года.

    The first version with GUI of HLMaker v2. This is not the first version of the program, as evidenced by "v2". Many years ago there was a console prototype, called HLMaker, but he did not have a GUI, and was malofunktsionalen. That version was created to reduce the size of copies of the game with a different set mod's.

    MD5 zip: 1ff3183c594e0fbba62ebcf877a24f12
    MD5 exe: 4650c387b169d1bff7daac5e46bbd554

Author of the program is All suggestions and comments please send to my e-mail. As long as there is no version for Linux, but if you need - write.

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