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On this website you can find computer games: as online (browser games), and others articles, how to make this games, and can be much more useful for programming, how make html webpage and some other.

Here are a few topics:

  • Android - my application and games for Android platrorm;
  • Articles - my various articles on various topics from building sites and online games to working examples of HTML and programming;
  • Browser games - some simple and not so casual online games created not so much for the game, how to disassemble and understand them how to make these games. Each game has a corresponding article with a description of how it works, and how you can make such a game;
  • My programs - my program, may be come in handy for fun or profit;
  • About - it is this webpage.

Explore the site and search for what you need. And if the site does not have what you need, while you are seeking it - you may be invented it.

I am sorry for may be probably not a very good translation.


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